Swadeka N Ragon At A Glance

Sunday, April 25
Hello And Ciao At A Glance SO What About Now?
Duration : 13-17 April

They paid us a visit during theirs Songkran. Arrived late and left early two days gone! The planner indeed sodden, the whole group satisfied her! The purpose of the trip was merely visiting they did not mean to go anywhere, what they wanted was just in the house for chit chating. Godness Me! Money don't spend this way la. Haha. But never let them be this way.

The first day , look out point. This was the particularly enormous credits to my little dumpish bro. He brought them to Haven. We were constrainted to leave early as the air has been polluted. The odor of the Shisha was way terrible! Every single table spouted out the smoke at us. Everyone had intoxicated.

The trip was too short and I couldn't make my trip to BKK next month since there is chaos at the moment but I will meet u all as soon as I could. Kuoy Na!

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