Monday, December 14
Is life's that busy? Everyone is busying on their owns. What should I do now? What if I lived a hectic life? I intend to be this way instead of spending days like now! It's much more useful right? Time is passing by, never ever slow down. A lots of Qs are stucking in my brain now but I don't know what to do. I know lots things waiting for me to do but I'm still here doing nothing. Should I change my lifestyle? Yet, I really miss evryone of U who ever stepped into my life. Loving the days spending with U all. Somehow those memories flashed at a glance in my brain, really happy. Can anyone figure out when these days will be coming back? The first and the last happiest tuition, the nicest teacher I ever met. Kinda happy whenever think about this, haha, never thinking dropping out of his class although I've wasted my tuition fee, hahaha. Other than this, I've met an evil teacher too. He is a devil!

Pondering deeply over my future. Working for few months or study? Need suggestions indeed. Looking forward to the new life. Yet I won't forget U my old friends.

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