Friday, September 4
Heading to her house at about 6.30.Dad chauffeured me there. Just woke up didn't feel to drive.The party started at around 7. I love your bro words--so funny.None of my close friend there that day.After eating, a pastime that the most afraid me played.This is the second for me to involve with this game---"KING QUEEN".I don't like this game.I'm a coward.The inception of the game is scripture.AHYIN&OH , MAGGIE&KEN have a close range of MOUTH CONTACT.That is a memorable frame.About 11 we were chased.The security guards are so insolent.Then we went for a drink.Ying nu u finally grow up.Can stay up to 12.
Today finally the 5 papers is over.Yet every papers seem not so good.Blow Blow and Blow my papers are drenched.

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